Going Back to Work? What Is the Right Age for Child Care?

Being a parent is extremely difficult for a number of reasons. In addition to bringing a child to the world, feeding them, and meeting all of their major needs with your nurturing efforts, you have to provide for their temporal needs as well. The balance between nurturing them and providing for their physical needs can be challenging because one requires that you are with them, while the other requires you to go to work. For parents who work outside the home, finding a quality child care organization is not only important, it's essential. Some people go on long sabbaticals when they have children, though this may not be an option for everyone. 

If you do have the option, have you ever wondered when the time is right to put your child in child care? There are several different opinions as to when child care benefits families the most, including the following. 

Three to Nine Months

Some parents have to return to work after just a few months of paternity or maternity leave. This can actually benefit the child, since they will hear multiple people speaking in their own unique ways, giving them a larger vocabulary early on. Kids who start childcare early usually have an easier transition to meeting new people, allowing them to be more social throughout their lives. 

1-2 Years Old

Starting daycare between the ages of one and two is a great idea. This allows your child's immune system to develop more fully, helping them to stay healthy even when sickness is going around. By this age, most toddlers have developed their communication abilities to the point where they can let caregivers know what they want and need. This makes things easier for everyone. Some are even potty trained! 

3-4 Years Old

Putting a 3 or 4-year-old into daycare for the first time can be difficult. By this age, they are used to staying home with their parent, and may not be very flexible to switching things up. 

In conclusion, the answer to when you should put your child in daycare really depends on your family's circumstances. Some experts recommend you wait until 12 months if at all possible to ensure proper connection to parents, though this may not be possible for your family. Take the time to thoroughly investigate all of your options, and then make the best decision for you and your kids. 

To learn more or to visit a daycare, contact a center like FAMC Family Education.